Tuesday, 23 December 2008

New Plot Soon

We got some good news this week. We have been offered a new plot (in the picture it goes up to the path behind the green storage bin). It is a half plot instead of a quarter so we will have more space. The previous owner is moving away, so luckily it isn't a site that has been neglected for a long time. It even comes with a shiny new water butt and is in a nice quiet position. We will have to maintain the hedge behind which is no problem. Hopefully we can take it over after December 31st. Now it is a case of deceiding how to lay it all out. It is quite tempting to get on and start digging and moving things but we aren't allowed yet. Hurrah for us!

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Seed Potatoes

I received my seed potatoes in the post today. Thinking that it was something I ordered for Christmas it was a surprise to see a bag of potatoes. I have chosen Orla from the organic catalogue. Allegedly they have a high blight, scab and blackleg resistance. Not sure what blackleg is but happy to resist it. The potatoes last year didn't do very well so we will see how these fair. I have put them in egg boxes for chitting, with their little buds pointing upwards. They have to be put in the dark before sprouting. I will keep them there until they are ready for chitting and then take the lid off the box and give them some light.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Seeds and Mushroom Beginnings

These are the seeds that I was drying out from our bean plants. I should have saved more but the drying out seems to have worked. I'm sure Carol Klein would be proud of my efforts. We will see if they last the winter without rotting and then hopefully I will plant them in Spring.
There is also some mushroom action in the oyster mushroom bag. Not much, admittedly, But something. There are quite a few white mossy bits and there is a slight wiff of mushroom from the bag which should be a good sign. Although the straw looks a bit soggy at the bottom. The experiment continues...

Where is our snow?

The news said that we were to recieve an ample covering of snow during the night. We woke up to torrential rain. This was not the winter wonderland the weather lady promised us. Much disappointment all round. What happened to the blizzards? Who has my snow?