Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Tip of the day, please try drunken gardening. It is a good experience. Get out the watering can and a cold beer and enjoy. No pruning though please.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Poor Tina

Tina Turner is going to be so upset, she can't stand the rain against her window but I am very pleased with this weeks showers. Sorry Tina but my plants need a good soaking but it makes it super easy to pull out the shocking number of weeds that I 've cultivated.

I am on a mission to get things back on track weed wise despite the rain. On Sunday I had planned to weed my brassica bed but was shamed into doing the raspberry bed instead as the man in the plot next to ours was glancing over at my weed jungle. The wet ground made it an easy job and I came home all covered in mud.

This is the first crop from the allotment, I've had lettuce and salad leaves from the plants at the house but it's nice to pull something up from the ground, even if it is a radish.