Sunday, 12 September 2010

Cinderella your carriage awaits

Success! Our first ever pumpkin. Small is beautiful.
Got my over wintering onions and garlic ready to plant from the allotment shop. The onions are Senshy, I think the garlic is solent white.
We put in some green manure, it is starting to come up now. We planted winter tares, grazing rye and phacelia. Hopefully this will help keep the weeds at bay over the winter and do some good to the soil when we dig it in next year.

Monday, 6 September 2010


We've been to Dorset for a couple of weeks. The place we stayed was up in the hills and we saw birds of prey like the one above just sitting on telephone poles by the side of the road.

We found lots of fossils like this ammonite at Charmouth Beach.

And had a little visitor in the garden every day, a hedgehog, ahhh! At night there were loads of bats swooping down (I think I saw the teeth of one it came so close) and the owls hooting.

I wasn't quite quick enough to get a good shot of the birds of prey that we saw every day but trust me they were amazing. The village was called Powerstock they had a great pub there but no shop or phone signal, just the old church. Makes you realise how you get used to having so much on your doorstep.

This is the one track lane was like to get there. It went on like this for miles. Nice to escape from the world for a week or two.

Very peased

Not updated things for a while. I've been busy! We got real peas, that actually look like real peas this year so I was pleased.
Autumn raspberries are doing really well. They seem to be always a lot better than the summer ones so I'm glad I planted both types.

Here are the remains of our raspberry ice cream. It went down very well! Half a pint of double cream, a pound of raspberries, juice of a lemon and 4 oz sugar, puree all the fruit then bung it in the ice cream maker, very nice.

Here are the visitors that we had for a week, courtesy of the school to look after. Thank goodness they survived the week with us.

I picked my lavender and had some bunches of it in the hall to combat the stinky guinea pig visitors, worked a treat. They needed cleaning out every day. They were quite cute though, for a week anyway....