Monday, 6 September 2010

Very peased

Not updated things for a while. I've been busy! We got real peas, that actually look like real peas this year so I was pleased.
Autumn raspberries are doing really well. They seem to be always a lot better than the summer ones so I'm glad I planted both types.

Here are the remains of our raspberry ice cream. It went down very well! Half a pint of double cream, a pound of raspberries, juice of a lemon and 4 oz sugar, puree all the fruit then bung it in the ice cream maker, very nice.

Here are the visitors that we had for a week, courtesy of the school to look after. Thank goodness they survived the week with us.

I picked my lavender and had some bunches of it in the hall to combat the stinky guinea pig visitors, worked a treat. They needed cleaning out every day. They were quite cute though, for a week anyway....

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