Tuesday, 27 July 2010


Look at our apples. I'm pretty chuffed with these, it's a dwarf tree but we only planted it last year so it's done pretty well. There are lots of apples on it this year.
Look, real apples! This one has even got droplets of morning rain on it.

The blueberries are really fat as well this year. Must be all the recent rain that has swelled them up. Since we got the hosepipe ban here it hasn't stopped raining.

I've grown teasel this year, we have got them all along the back fence. They are lethal, really spiky, probably not the best plant to put in a garden with children but they are pretty and are attracting lots of bees and hoverflies. The seeds should attract goldfinches too later on, we'll see. So if you are thinking of scaling my back fence be prepared to get spiked. Ouch! Serves you right.


  1. The apples look great! What variety is it?

  2. I got them from Thompson Morgan a couple of years ago. One of the varieties is definately Pinova but I'm not sure what the other one was called.