Monday, 19 March 2012


I've done some serious digging. Dug in the crimson clover and Phacelia. I have a beautiful potato trench dug out ready and waiting now. My new neighbours were doing a lot of staring yesterday - I don't approve of starers while I'm digging, it puts me off. I think that they were just trying to get tips on what to do, but as I explained to them - they're better off asking someone who knows what they're doing. They seem nice enough, but their beautiful weed free/stone free/leaf free/plant free beds are putting mine to shame - stupid keen newbies.

Had nice chat with a couple of young boys through the fence. That went something like this:

Are these allotments? Do they have greenhouses on them? How much do they cost? What's the chance of growing cannabis on it?

Ha! As if the allotment lady would let them get away with growing cannabis. They didn't seem put off when I told them they'd got no chance. They had a cunning plan up their sleeves - to plant nettles around them for a brilliant disguise. We get told off for not cutting our edges so I don't think plot of nettles would be approved of, but still. They were puffing away on a giant spliff at the time, so probably weren't thinking straight. Bless 'em.

I've re-potted on my tomatoes and chilli's. There are signs of broad beans arriving and my sweet peas are doing well.

Planted some more seeds today:
Sweetcorn - Lark
Cornflower - mixed
Sunflower - giant single
Runner Bean - Scarlet Emperor (then I dropped them on the floor and planted them again)
Pea - Kelvedon Wonder
Kale - Dwarf Green Curled
Brussel Sprouts - Fillbasket
Broccoli - Early Purple
Cabbage - Greyhound
Cauliflower - All the year round
Lettuce - Little Gem
Beetroot - Boltardy
Tortoise Lady Mixed (that's not for humans, it's for the pet tortoise - he's just woken up)

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