Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Good morning Flash!

Never mind the daffodils and the primroses. Spring is only ever officially here when Flash the tortoise wakes up. Yesterday he tentatively peered out from under his sacks and made his way out of hibernation.
I gave him a warm bath and he looked at me clearly delighted (?). He has now been introduced to his brand new tortoise house kindly built by Jim, and he seems to like it.
The broad beans are now ready to plant out and the sweet peas are doing well too. It is now officially Spring. Good old Flash, it's always nice to see his grumpy looking face again. He hasn't starting eating anything yet though, you'd think he'd be hungry. He will be pleased to know that the lettuce at the allotment seems to be surviving well so in a few weeks we should have some nice leaves to feed him with.


  1. I love flash the tortoise!

  2. Flash says he loves you too! He has asked me to pass on the message as he isn't very good at emails. His fingers are too stubby to work the keys X