Saturday, 14 March 2009

Oh poo.

Have planted out the potatoes (Orla) the manure I put in wasn't very well rotten down and certainly not very crumbly. So if my potatoes die then it's my fault. They have two chances. Time will tell.

I have dug a trench ready for the Asparagus Crowns. The remains of the rhubarb was very hard to get out, it went on for miles. It also seems to be able to survive anything. The bit that I moved has taken off really well and when I opened the compost bin to put in some weeds there was a piece of rhubarb growing out of it, I felt sorry for it and planted it out. Seeing as it had tried so hard to cling onto life. Must be able to survive any treatment, even mine. Lets see if the potatoes are as keen to survive my treatment. If they don't I will have killed them with kindness.
Planted indoors Rudbeckia (Goldilocks Improved), Gaillardia (Arizona Sun), Kale (Dwarf Green Curled), Brussel Sprout (Fillbasket), Brussel Sprout (Red Rubine), Verbena, Sunflower (Moonwalker).

Planted direct at the allotment chives, Leek (Blue Solaise), Leef Beet (Perpetual Spinach), Carrot (Sweet Candle), Lettuce (Webb's Wonderful), Radish (Sparkler) and Beetroot (Boltardy).

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