Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Brassica brassica why won't you grow?

I planted some broccoli, kale and cauliflower in the greenhouse. It grew and then it wilted and and died. I planted some inside and it died. I put some outside in pots and something ate it. I planted the seeds in the ground and it grew and then the slugs ate it. My lovely asparagus looks like it has been eaten as well. I will not be beaten, I have tried again but my seeds don't look happy. Last year I had too much of the stuff and this year I can't grow it. Not a happy woman!


  1. Thats the spirit, dont give up.

    Plant again. Water well and keep them indoors until they germinate.

    Don't flood them, just keep the compost moist without drenching it and keep them out of the way of the slug n snails and you will be planting them within a few weeks.

  2. I've killed the next lot I've planted! I have 2 seedlings that have worked out of loads and loads of seeds. Thanks for the suppport. I will try again.......... !!!!