Wednesday, 29 April 2009

What a Feast!

This may not look like much but it is the first crop of the year. Eaten tonight for dinner. Why do lettuces take so long to grow? I think because I have been told they grow quickly that it feels like forever before they are ready. Lots more waiting to grow. Four radishes between four people isn't exactly a feast but it is hopefully a taste of whats to come...


  1. Hi Susan. Thanks for popping into my blog - nice to meet you and to hear your comments. Don't worry - the wisteria will get there and will smell gorgeous, but maybe not this year! Ours is very old and we were left VERY precise instructions by the previous owners about what to do and when. I immediately lost the piece of paper and it's been left to quite happily do it's own thing for the past 8 years - and is glorious and prolific! (a bit like your broccoli!)

  2. Good to hear that it works without instructions. Most things in our garden have to put up with some tough treatment, like the odd football hitting them now and again or being squashed by a passing scooter! Sounds like your previous owners nurtured their plants a little more than I do.

  3. Well done to you.

    The first meal of the year was also salad, spinach and radishes.

    Hope you enjoyed them, which variety of radish are they. They look fantastic.