Monday, 6 April 2009

Purple Haze

It was nice to have some sunshine in the garden last week. The lettuces at the allotment are now doing very well under their cloches.
The sunshine brought Flash out of the greenhouse and exploring the garden, he took up his usual position sunbathing on the stones. This means that the weather is certainly hotting up although you wouldn't know it today. April is treating us to some showers.
Lovely purple sprouting broccoli. I was told not to move my broccoli plants to the new plot because they were too big and they wouldn't survive. I am glad that I don't listen to people. We have had our first crop of homegrown broccoli from the plants I moved in winter. It tastes better knowing that I was told not to move it. The people who took over our old plot chopped down all the broccoli before it had time to flower anyway. So I am glad I ignored expert advice and had a go at moving some of our plants.
The greenhouse and the porch are now full of seeds so hopefully some of them will survive and give us some good crops.
Have planted out some asparagus crowns at the allotment. Opted for Gijnlim F1 crowns, a high yielding, all male dutch variety. It is going to be a few years before we get anything from them which gives Paul plenty of time to get used to liking the stuff.

Planted under cover French Bean (Corona d'Oro and Casse Violette), Florence Fennel, Pea (Carouby de Maussane and Markana), Nasturtiums, Sunflower (Giant Single), Broccoli (Red Arrow), Gourd (Jack O'Lantern) and Pumpkin (Mars). Planted direct Coriander and Cumin. The children planted pansies and marigolds on their patch, they put two whole packets of seeds down so hopefully they will be rewarded with some flowers. Mary has also made an insect house out of some old hollow stems, tied them together and hung them from the tree in an attempt to encourage some wildlife to our patch.


  1. Beautiful pictures, I liked Flash!

  2. Thanks, he has been part of the family for twenty five years now!