Thursday, 9 April 2009

New Life

Welcome to the world baby Elijah! The cherry trees are also in blossom at the back of the house. New beginnings and new life is everywhere.
We have harvested the first lot of compost from the wormery. The lovely stuff is going to grow a fabulous pumpkin for us (if the slugs don't get there first). Here are the little wigglers doing their very best to make some more. After a year of having a wormery my aversion to worms is lessening. Aren't they beautiful? Well maybe not.
Have planted up my peas and beans. They didn't take long to get going. We have also got pumpkin and cucumber seedlings peeping out of the soil.
Everything is starting to grow now, although so are the weeds. Some serious weeding needs to be done at the allotment now. Managed to get down with there with the children a few days ago but didn't manage to do much apart from plant the letters of their names out of cress.

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