Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Springing to Life

Things are starting to spring into life. My climbers have started doing their thing but I am too impatient I want them all over the fence. Climb climb climb! This clematis is an evergreen variety so should add interest all year. It is supposed to fill the air with a beautiful fragrance but I can't smell anything. Oh well it looks nice. The honeysuckle I took from a cutting has now reached the top of the fence which isn't bad but it has taken 2 years to get there. Maybe I will get some flowers from it this year. Planted a wisteria called prolific although in a month it has only grown about an inch, not very prolific so far.

Have managed to run out of compost for my seeds so must have been planting a frenzy. I put my runner bean and peas plants out onto the allotment, probably a bit too early but they were getting big so I thought I'd chance it. I added some of our wormy manure to the holes before I put them in. Lets hope they like it. At least they have had plenty of rain this week. Something has been nibbling my broad bean plants, the evil creature has nibbled round the edges of all the leaves. The terrible beasts. Could this be someone sabotaging the plants perhaps? A certain person who hates broad beans? Or is it an actual bug? Who could have done such a thing? There is a bean hater in our midst and I have my eye on them... There are a few flowers on the plants but they look too small to pinch out the tops yet, might have to do it anyway.

Planted up some baby corn and transferred by tomatoes and chilli's to grow bags. Hope to improve on the huge crop of 3 chilli's that we got last year.

The pumpkin and cucumbers need re potting but I can't until I get some more compost. The poor trapped things are crying out to me. Must get to the shops...

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