Sunday, 23 August 2009

Berry nice

Why are the best blackberries always at the top of the hedge or right in the middle so that you have to tear your arms to shreds to get to them? Anyway a few pints of blood later we managed to pick our first lot of berries.
The children managed to eat their own weight in blackberries but there were plenty left to take home.
We crumbled some of them with rhubarb, raspberries and cranberries from the plot.

Meanwhile in the greenhouse I have managed to grow my first cucumbers. A grand total of 3 all together. This is still very exciting for me because I have never grown any before. They taste a lot different, almost like melon. Our greenhouse doesn't get an awful lot of sun because of the trees behind the house so I consider these a big success.
Here are our wonderful tomatoes, again so far grand total of 2 tomatoes that are ripe. A few green ones in there still though. Oh yes and I have just passed my part time literature degree too, so I am a very happy camper hurrah!


  1. Congrats on your degree ! That’s wonderful news.

    The berries look so yum !
    I’m puzzled by your cukes. The skin is so smooth. No pricks at all. May I ask what variety they are ?

  2. Hi Miss M,
    Thanks for that. The cucumber was called El Diva. It was supposed to be a smooth variety, shame I didn't get any more, they were really nice.

  3. Haha...your comment about my pie made me laugh. Though I have to tell you, your berry crumble is making me weak in the knees right now. Maybe my pie should challenge your crumble to a wrestling match and see who's victorious!

  4. Could get messy... I'd bet on the pie though, shhhh don't tell the crumble.