Monday, 17 August 2009


Whilst we were in Devon we went to the Broomhill Scupture Garden. They had some great things in there.
I thought that she would like nice in the corner of my garden, I couldn't afford the price tag unfortunately.
This installation called 'Welcome to the third Millenium' was by Mike Roles. It was really brilliant whilst being a little unsettling at the same time.
This is the view from Baggy Point towards the beach at Croyde Bay.
When we got home there was rather a large pile of beans waiting for us.

Croyde Bay.
This is the garden of the cottage that we were staying in. The village was called Muddiford. You could get used to looking out on views like this.


  1. You sure could ! How stunning is that ? It looks like you had a brilliant holiday. :)
    Welcome back.

    Broomhill looks amazing !
    Speaking of Devon gardens, do you happen to know if Carol Klein's garden (Glebe Cottage) is open to the public ?

  2. Thanks we had a great time. I don't know if Glebe Cottage is open to the public, I'm willing to bet that it is part of the national garden scheme and you can visit at certain times. I know she has a nursery which sells mostly cottage garden plants, I was hoping to get there and also to Rosemoor (the RHS garden) but we couldn't fit them in. They were all temptingly close. Next time though!