Friday, 20 November 2009

November Tidy Up

I have actually done some work at the allotment. Yes, it is true. I've put my onions in at last, hurrah. The beans have been pulled out and all the old sweetcorn. I pulled up a few hundred weeds so it is looking better.
The spinach was still going strong and the rainbow chard was looking good.

This is how things are looking at the moment. Not too bad. There are paths that need to be put in and I want to get rid of the grass at the back. I cut the asparagus down to the ground because it had gone yellow. I wasn't sure if this was right or not because they say don't cut it in the first year, but I'm guessing that its alright to do it now it is Autumn. Well, I hope it's alright anyway. I covered the crowns with some of the leaf mulch that we made last year, it is good stuff, shame there wasn't more of it. I need to go leaf collecting again this year.

A bit late for bonfire night pictures I know but here is a picture of our rocket. Very impressive for us.
But you still can't beat a good sparkler.


  1. Ah, rose hips ... 'tis the season for infusions and a kick of vitamine C. Nice job on the tidy ! I wasn't aware your leek crop was so big. They're looking lovely, will you be harvesting soon ?

  2. Thanks. Yes I do like leeks! They are nearly ready for harvesting. Leek and potato soup here we come.

  3. Delicious! What divine photographs, again.