Thursday, 29 October 2009

Digging In

The trees are so great. It isn't exactly Vermont around here but you still can't help looking up.
Flash hasn't been out of his house for a month so I put him in the dirt to see if he was ready to dig in for the winter.

The light is great at the moment. Artists everywhere must be getting their brushes out.

Can you spot Flash?

All offically tucked in before the leaves have fallen.


  1. Is that what you do? See if Flash digs himself underground then you know it's time? Do you dig him up and put him in a box of straw then? How old is he? I need to know more...

  2. Hi Kim.

    Flash is a retro tortoise. I got him when I was about 10. There were a load of tortoises in a crate outside a greengrocers when we were Saturday shopping so we bought one. He's been going a long time(I'm 37 now). Not really sure how old he is though because he was big when we got him.

    They aren't supposed to eat for a month before they hibernate. He stopped eating and just stayed in his house so I know that he is ready.

    I just take his house away and he digs in the soil and then we put some sacking on him. He stays there. Some people put theirs in a box in the fridge because its constant temperature (not their food fridge I don't think, yuk). Under the soil it is ok too. He just does that because it is what he has alway done. In Spring he will appear one day on top of the sacks and make me jump!

  3. I still don't understand how he manages to breathe ?! He appears to be just covered in soil. Does he actually dig a den (or lair or whatever you call a turtle hole) ?

    Nice colors !

  4. Yes I put him on the soil with a sack over him and the next day when I went to check on him he had dug himself in like this! I don't know how he breathes under there but he must do! The soil is quite light because it is mostly compost from the tomato grow bags in there so I guess it must be well airated. He just does his thing and we leave him to it.