Friday, 23 October 2009

Winter lettuce

My winter lettuce is tucked up in the greenhouse. The children planted them from seed that I got from the Gardeners World Live show in summer. My sweet pea is still giving it some in the garden. I haven't been picking them either. It is obviously determined to stay for as long as it can.


  1. Do the sweet peas still smell lovely?

  2. I've not mastered Fall planting yet, let alone winter planting (nor will I ever in my climate !). The lettuce is looking good. Will it keep growing in the greenhouse or will you move it outside ? If you do, will it need protection ?

  3. Kim, They still smell really nice. I think I put them in late, that must be why they are still going. I'm going to save some the seeds.

    Miss M, Last year I put some winter lettuce outside under a cloche and they were fine. They were ready really early in Spring and everyone was very jelous. I'm going to leave some of these in the greenhouse, maybe move a few to the allotment and see how they get on but still underprotection.