Friday, 9 October 2009

Finally I've Been!

I have finally been to plant my garlic. It has been three shameful weeks since I have done any work on the allotment.
As I got closer to the plot I saw this gorgeous sunflower. I was a bit envious I must admit because ours weren't much to write home about. When I got closer I had a nice surprise. It was ours! What a dingbat.

I came home with spinach, baby corn (more like medium corn), runner beans (which are still running and producing new beans, I thought they'd be all dried up now and ready to collect for seed), some baby leeks and some chives.
The weeds were pretty bad, you couldn't even see my asparagus because the weeds have grown over them. And they hate the weeds, poor things. If Monty Donn saw it he would probably have to go and lie down for a bit with the horror of it all. I got through some of it, there's more to do another day.
This is the pinacle of my shame. The radish on the left is a normal sized radish. The two on the right have grown to a cartoon size. The one in the middle has even got so sick of waiting to be picked that it has started to grow another mutant baby radish underneath it (see the white one, that is attached). Shameful radish picking.


  1. Haven't you heard ?
    Monty Don calls on gardeners to down spades and let nature take its course
    Monty's a big softy now ... you're good. :)

    Lovely harvest, although I will admit those radishes are a tad overgrown, lol. HA !

  2. Bad radish discipline but nice looking medium corn, Sue!

  3. Silly question, but how do you write your name on your photos?

  4. Good old Monty. What a star!!

  5. Thanks Kim. I was quite proud of my watermarks, I'm easily pleased. I did it in photoshop. I'd like to say that I'm a photoshop expert but that would be a filthy lie. I'm just figuring it out. I looked it up on google. There's a step by step way of doing it here: