Thursday, 13 May 2010

Impressive Things

We went to London at the weekend. This is the wisteria at Kew Gardens. It is over 100 years old. They have trained it so that it forms a huge den that you can go and sit inside. How fantastic is that? It is slightly more impressive than mine. I started growing it last year, it is a spindly little thing, but in one hundred years time who knows, or dares to dream...
The children planted these tulips.

Oh yes, check out my prize winning parsnip. I haven't put soft focus on this picture by the way because I have fallen in love with the parsnip. Someone, possibly a small child put a big thumb print on the lense of the camera. But the parsnip is impressive is it not? It is good when you are as easily pleased as me, there is a lot to be happy about.


  1. Oh wow ! That wisteria is just amazing ! :O
    Mine is still tiny too, but we definitely can dream. (Love, love, love it !)

    Now that parsnip is what I call a meal !

  2. That parsnip needs to be in soft focus; it'd put yer eye out otherwise...
    kim x

  3. The parsnip has impressed you all, as I knew he would. X

  4. Are we all so shallow? I suppose we are...