Wednesday, 28 April 2010


There is blossom everywhere. I like it. The cherry trees at the back of the house are really pretty in spring. It is their way of giving us compensation for blocking out our sun for the rest of the summer.
Our cherry tree was on its final warning. Last year it was an embarrassment to us all. There was one tiny bit of blossom hanging off a branch and it has produced a total of 2 cherries in three years. We told it, you're getting the chop if you don't buck up. It has heeded it's warning. Our amateur pruning may have worked, we no longer have to hide our faces in shame when we come out of the front door. It may be too much to ask for to actually get cherries but we have the flowers so there is hope.

Do you remember my disgusting mangy disease ridden pear tree? I moved it so that it didn't spread its gross diseases to everything else and look, it has not only come back to life but has got blossom on it too. Fingers crossed.

When the wind blows all the petals from the trees behind the house fall all over the garden. It's like confetti.

I put my bean poles up too, including swirly bird scarers on the end which just look pretty and don't scare the birds. The world is good this week.

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