Sunday, 5 June 2011

Nets Done

Thought I'd share my cottage look front garden with you. We've got loads of bees. Scruffy is best for wildlife right?

The strawberries are starting to turn. Just made it in time to net them up and put the straw down today. It's more fun if you do things at the last minute right?

I've got some broad beans starting to come. Saved them for the kids to pick when we go up on bikes this week.

In other news I've bought my grow bags and my tomatoes are doing quite well thank you very much.

Sad news too though, my giant pumpkins have gone! Where are they? As if someone dug them up and stole them because they were so beautiful. Actually, I think they have been viciously eaten. Anyway, I might have to cheat now and buy a couple of squash plants. I've got one sad looking one left that is still in the greenhouse. Planted up some sweet peas today and finally strimmed the grass. Even treated ourselves to some new choppers so that there's more chance of the grass getting a trim (I also cheated and bought a courgette plant from the shops while I was there - mine are all dead, may they rest in pieces eaten to death by passing slugs).

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