Friday, 2 January 2009

Feed The Birds

It feels like winter now. There will be no digging on the new allotment for a while. Everywhere is looking quite spectacular.
Ducks ice skating.

We have been doing our bit to look after our feathered friends while the weather is bad. They need water as well as food so we have fashioned our own makeshift birdbath. It is getting frozen every day in this weather. The blackbird has been a regular visitor so we need to break to ice in the morning and top up the water.
We have bought a new bird feeder which is said to attract goldfinches as they are partial to nyger seed. So far we have had a blue tit and a great tit but not a goldfinch in sight. The robin comes quite a lot too. We will wait and see if the goldfinches arrive. We have put out a few old apples too and the birds just love it.
The coconut bird feeder has been popular with the great tits. The peanuts seem to get the most attention from lots of blue tits and some occasional long tail tits too. At the weekend I spied a woodpecker but he didn't come into our garden. Our star visitor so far has been the bullfinch whose bright orange feathers just look fabulous against the white snow.
Mmmmm lovely worms. It looks bad but the birds like it! It is important to feed the birds in your garden, especially in winter. But you need to keep doing it because they come to rely on the food that you put out for them. Ours have got plenty to keep them going at the moment.

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