Sunday, 25 January 2009

RSBP Birdwatch

It was the RSPB birdwatch this weekend. I watched our garden for an hour and took a few pictures. I managed to get a photo of this woodpecker in the trees behind the house, although it wasn't as close as it looks in this picture.
The trees were full of goldfinches but they just don't want to come into my garden. Don't be shy come in it's nice.
We got plenty of blue and great tits.

The squirrel keeps stealing all our bird food. It gnawed through the string holding up the coconut and ran off with the whole thing. Not bad going, it must have been quite heavy for a squirrel.
The coal tit enjoyed the homemade bird feeders.

The scaredy cat robin knew I was there and kept flitting in and out of the garden.

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