Tuesday, 30 June 2009

June Tour

Come and have a tour round the allotment in June. It is all coming to life. There are plenty of blousey poppies scattered about.
The raspberries have been cropping heavily we need to build a proper cage for them later on. We're going to cover the asparagus and the raspberries together so hopefully you can walk in to pick them instead of garotting yourself or getting entangled in the net.
Onion bed. My parsnips are coming up along the side as well and the leeks are ready to get replanted into the potato bed when all the earlies have been dug up.

This is the view from my bench.


  1. Blousy is right ! What an impressive poppy.

    Your lot looks huge ! Everything is looking ab fab. Really very nice.

  2. Thanks a lot. We have only got half a plot so maybe it looks bigger than it actually is. It was a nice surprise to get those poppies as I didn't plant them. I'm going to save the seeds for next year though, they certainly brighten things up a bit.