Friday, 3 July 2009

Catch the pigeon

Got more than we bargained for when we went to visit the allotment yesterday. Auntie Rachel if you are reading this look away now, it is your worst ever nightmare. A trapped bird in the netting. A bird with great ugly wings and grabbing claws. Big fat flapping pigeon gasping away on its back in the heat twitching and looking at me with its beady eye. I thought it was dead but when I got close it started flapping about like a maniac. Managed to release it by cutting the netting with the scissors whilst running about squealing like a girl every time it started flapping again. Oh dear. It flew off into the sky. That will teach it to try to get my strawberries.


  1. I'd have eaten the damned thing. Release it and it'll only come back to eat more of your fruit and veg.

    I regularly disturb a few pigeons, and the occasional pheasant, feasting on what should be my produce. Grr...

  2. Unfortunately I was far too much of a girl. I was totally rubbish at releasing it, it was pathetic. If I'd have had to kill it as well it might have finished me off too. Rubbish!