Thursday, 16 July 2009

War on White Fly

Planted up some radish, carrot, spring onion, parsely and corriander seeds today. I finally got round to weeding my cabbage bed and as I lifted the net a nice cloud of white fly fluttered up into the air. The rotten things have been happily munching away and turning my cauliflower leaves all yellow and full of holes. The beasts.
I planted some nasturtiums around them as bait. Unfortunately the ones round the cabbages haven't flowered yet while the ones on their own have done. They look pretty though. After all my dedicated work getting some sprouts to grow I will not be beaten.
They are covered with special fly proof netting that is supposed to stop them getting in. That was worth the money, (well actually I got it for free so what am I bothered about). I didn't put any collars around them though. Next year I will be more vigilant. War is declared. I will grow a cauliflower and at least one sprout this year.

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