Tuesday, 28 July 2009


I was happily taking this photo the other day when some bloke came over complaining about my parking. He proceeded to lecture me on where to park so that I didn't block people in. I knew that when I parked the car no one else was there and that I had parked miles away from the car park. I resisted the urge to hit him hard over the head with my spade and apologised instead. When I got to my car realised he was the blocker inner and not me. He had squeezed himself in between 3 cars and couldn't get out without me moving. What an old prune. Is it wrong to tell your fellow allotmenteers to go dig off? I felt like it was but then afterwards I wasn't so sure. At least I have kept the peace between us I suppose... Sour grapes to him. Anyway, can you see the little buzzy fly going past in the sky? Breathe and relax....

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