Monday, 13 July 2009

Mangey tout

These flowers are nearly as tall as me. They look great, I think that they are perennial sunflowers but not sure. I think when they've finished I'm going to divide them and bring a few home to our garden.
Not quite sure what has happened to my mange touts here. Doesn't look too promising. Not sure whether to get rid of them or just leave them. The plant in the other bed is cropping like crazy.
Put my leeks in their final place today now that the earlies have been all taken out. A few of them had rust so I just put the ones in that looked to be healthy. In the picture it looks massive but really it is just a tiny little thing. Come on get growing.


  1. Dare I say those might be Jerusalem Artichokes ?(or Fartichokes as Matron would say, lol). They look the part anyway (appearance and height).

    Too bad about the peas... And you're right, that leek looks big! lol. Very nice.

  2. Oh I didn't know they were as pretty as that. Parp! lol.

    Thanks Miss M.

  3. Hi Susan! Greetings from Wyoming, USA!

    I just have to ask... what is an allotment? Sorry... I realize that this might be a stupid question... but I keep wondering!

  4. Hi Toni,
    They were started up by local councils to give people land to grow on. It is just a large piece of land which is divided up into smaller plots that people can hire per year, usually to grow veg on, some people just use them for flowers or to keep chickens or bees. There are over 100 plot holders on our allotment site and we have 2 in our local area. Basically just a big field divided up for people to grow stuff on! I'll take a panoramic view for you next time I go. Cheers, Sue.