Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Garden pest.

Look at these lovely blueberries so juicy and almost ready. No wonder they have been spotted by a garden pest. Although I have had some problems with this particular pest usually I can keep it under control. This week however it has been targeting my blueberries and alpine strawberries. Instead of eating it or burrowing into it what this pest does is much worse. It picks the blueberry, throws it on the floor and then treads on it with its little feet. Luckily the pest was easy to deal with using organic methods. It was told to stop picking my blueberries or else it would have to go inside. Kids eh?


  1. Kids ! You gotta love 'em ! Lol.
    It's easy to see why they'd be attracted, those are looking great !

  2. They have also been trying to fell my solitary apple. So far it has been clinging on for dear life. Will it survive the summer? Only time will tell...

  3. I remember blaming the birds a couple of years ago for my disappearing blueberries, only to discover it was the kids!