Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Lovely rain

Finally our plants are getting a good soaking. They were promising it all weekend but it never came. I sent up tentatively to the allotment today still in shock from my bird incident. Luckily the area was clear. As I walked down to our plot I must have startled at least 30 fat pigeons. I thought this did not bode well but our plot looks great. We got our first little courgettes today and mange tout which will do well in the stir fry tonight. I have been a bit lazy the last week or so with a cold so I haven't done anything but watering. We have managed to grow quite an impressive array of weeds during the sunny weather so I will have to get down there and do some proper work another day. I tell myself that this increases biodiversity, at least until I get round to digging them up.
Flash has been enjoying the rain too. He sat out in the showers and got a good soaking for a few hours. All the markings on his shell come out really nicely in the rain. This year he gets top marks, although he has squashed all my flower seedlings (as usual) he has managed to restrain himself from climbing over the growbags in the greenhouse.


  1. That's a mouthwatering selection of green veggies. Looks delicious! Flash certainly seems to be enjoying them!

  2. Thanks. I'm really pleased that we haven't had to buy lettuce for him and we have managed to grow most of his food. He is certainly getting well fed. He makes short work of any dandelions that we pull up too! Waste not want not.