Thursday, 28 April 2011


A good day today at the allotment. I wanted to do lots of watering, but a greedy grabbing old couple hogged the tap for over and hour with their hose. I managed to lug some watering cans around and get a bit done though, I will not be bullied by pensioners. They were nice too and smiled and waved to me. Greeding grabbing nice people are the worse kind of tap hogs.

Here are my forget me nots, I know you can't eat them, but they are too pretty to ignore. So these are everywhere. I'll just rip them out when I need the room.

Broad beans surviving. Strangely not dead after they have not been watered for ages.

Pulled out my old broccoli plants. Seemed a shame, they are nicer than any flowers in the gardens on our street. A bee agreed with me and followed me back to the car buzzing around my head while I got rid of the old plants.

Look at my lovely trench. It is a work of art. A work of shallow art. This soil looks like it was easy to dig, but it wasn't. It was like a piece of dry dusty old rock. I realised I'd built my potato trench in the wrong place so I had re-do it after consulting with my plan. Plan?! Yes, there is a plan. I know that everyone else put their potatoes in ages ago and dug their trenches in February, but I like to be different. They're in now anyway.

Last of the leeks. Goodbye my friends. I've sown a new batch today.

Got some plenty of salad leaves on the go at home. Planted some more at the allotment today too.

I dug in all my green manure too. It better improve my soil or I'll be an unhappy bunny. It was hard work today.

I have been so tardy of late that I didn't put in any red onions. I found them waiting in the storage box. Too late for you little onions. Yes? Of course! Guess what I've done? I'm such a bad gardener that I've put them in anyway with their big fat white cousins who are doing rather well now. If they are tiny little tichy ones I'll just have them in my salad. Waste not want not.

I have got asparagus! Yes! I've got some spindly ones and some big fat mothers that I've snipped off. Hurrah.

Things to do:

Nets. Nets. Oh no, I've got to net my strawberries next........ groan, they are full of flowers. Tried to put in some canes today and they just snapped, the soil was that hard.

I must go and cut the grass next too before I get told off.

Get some grow bags! Think someone is having some kind of wedding tomorrow, but I'm going to buy my grow bag instead.

Re pot my pumpkins.

Plant some more seeds.

Weeding - obviously.

The paths could do with a bit more bark on them, but I don't think that is going to happen.

Put the canes in for the runners.

Ok. I'm organised now. I know what I need to do.

Lugged back a massive load of weeds that filled up the boot of the car. Shhhh don't tell my husband, he loves it when I use the car for my soil shifting. He doesn't need to know I put the old manure bags in there either. Ignorance is bliss.

The problem with going to the allotment is that I have to go straight back because there is always too much to do. I can feel my back seizing up already after one day too. Oh yes, and if you see the slug that ate my giant sunflowers, give him a stoney Paddington stare from me. Thanks.

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