Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Manchester Blogging

You can nominate your favourite Manchester based blog now at Kate Feld from the Manchizzle site is dealing with the nominations, her blog is a great place to see whats going on around Manchester and see what other people are blogging about around the area. If you haven't been there it is at they even gave me a mention a while ago. There are lots of local blogs to nominate there, give it a look.


  1. Thank you for your nice comment.

    Well, you know, Susan that worried me too. But I went around the back of the sculpture and his arm is just tenderly around her middle, I've taken a photo if you'd like to see.

    I think she's just understandable excited that he's that perfect mix; an attentive boyfriend who could handle himself if another mythical creature, say a Bunyip or a Sasquatch, with evil intent happened along.

    I’ve enjoyed looking at the progress of your allotment too; and what beautiful children.


  2. Maybe she has just been worried by the sight of another rabbit with bigger ears.

    Yes the children are great but I would say that wouldn't I? Thanks X

  3. Only if it were very true... which it is.

    No! He isn't that kind of shallow boyfriend-type who would have his head turned by a rival with considerably bigger ears.

    and (this is written in a tiny little timid voice) she's a hare, not a rabbit, actually.


  4. Ear size is vital for hares, oh dear. Hare today gone tomorrow.

    I'm sure he's to be trusted though.