Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Stinky onion and cabbage smells to you

Hello I'm fed up because I've waited in for the delivery man all morning. He is supposed to be coming from 8.00am till 1pm, now its ten past one and he's still not here so I'm not a happy bunny. It's been nice all morning and now it looks like its going to rain. Here is a picture of one of our cabbages, unlike the delivery man he is a beauty.
There are our onions. The weather has been so rainy I keep putting them out to dry out and then they get rained on. I've given up now and put them in the porch. If that delivery man is any later I'm going to rub his face in these onions, that will learn him. Where are you, you swine???


  1. Lol ! The delivery man well deserves it ! What a pain it is to wait around for them ...
    The cabbage is beaut no doubt about it ! Well done, Susan.

  2. Thanks. He had a lucky escape. He came at 1.40 and escaped an onion bashing by the skin of his teeth. It is raining now too.