Friday, 18 September 2009

Onion Wreath

We had a nice sunny week last week, this is the suburban sunset we got. Not bad really considering we are on a scummy street and not amongst the lakes and mountains.
Never mind the leaves changing colour. Flash is the one to watch to tell you all you need to know about the seasons. He is slowing down now, and is unwilling to come out so often anymore. Yesterday he spent the day just peeping out of his house and didn't venture into the garden at all.

Do you like my onion and chilli wreath? It is in the porch. I suspect that any of Tim Burton's characters would be proud to have this hanging up in their house. Some people might think that this looks a bit strange. Certainly some of the house proud mothers that I talk to would be horrified to have this monstrosity shedding onion skin for all to see.
However, one of the neighbours noticed it and brought me round a big bag of home grown plums because she thought that I would like them. Hurrah. She said there's more to come and apples too, so the wreath has done me proud. Everyone should hang up a couple of vegetables in their window, just to see what happens.
I've pulled out the tomatoes and got the last of them ripening up on the window sill. Thinking of making some chutney...

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